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 Who we are

 The society

Futuredata srl is an innovative Start up ( according to directive 179/2012) committed to promoting technology and activities aimed at improving environmental sustainability, with specific reference to the Electrical and Electronics Industry. Futuredata srl also has a social mission, as it’s involved in safeguarding the enviroment ( as defined by article 1 comma 1, directive 155/2006  under the section “Safeguarding the environment and Ecosystems” ).
Active in various areas, the company is working in the research and development of new technologies to create innovative applications for industrial materials in the Circular Economy.

Our project

Ariadne Data-Driven Material Recovery (details) –   The database of chemical elements which electronic materials are made of.
ICO – dismantling and intelligent selection (work in progress)
EFESTO – strategies and technology  to re over strategic materials ( work in progress)
CONSULTANCY – projectuality and development of  recovery and treatment recycling plants ( work in progress).

The team

Alessio De Gregorio: Engineer – ICT manager
Rosario Capponi CEO
Anders Caratazzolo Foreign public relations

Mission & Vision


Ariadne Data-Driven Material Recovery wants to create the necessary conditions to retrieve and re-use all the
materials present in an EEE efficiently, so as to preserve natural resources, increase the possible internal
supply and promote a model of circular economy for a more sustainable electronics industry.


The electronics industry is one of the fields which depends to greater extent on Critical Materials (CM) and
still retrieves so little, at the expense of over-exploited natural reserves.
Extraction and refining of CM involves high environmental impact and often in dramatic working
Today large quantities of WEEE are treated to retrieve the materials contained under conditions which are
dangerous for health and the environment.